Welcome to the official website for the Big TMS Data Collaboration.

TMS stands for ‘transcranial magnetic stimulation’, which is a non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) technique that is used for both neuroscience research and the treatment of brain disorders.

The Big TMS Data Collaboration was formally launched in 2020, led by Dr. Daniel Corp from Deakin University, Australia. Our aim is to become the principal ‘big data’ sharing platform for the brain stimulation community.

It is hoped that this approach will lead to improvement in the implementation of NIBS, particularly with respect to increasing patients’ response to current clinical treatments, facilitating the discovery of new treatment protocols in various brain disorders, and in improving methodological parameters to reduce interindividual variability in neuroscience research.

You can contact the team at info@bigtmsdata.com and follow up on Twitter @bigTMSdata